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Councilwoman Suzie (“Susan”) Price has continuously served as a community advocate and leader since she moved to Long Beach over 31 years ago. Driven by a devotion to justice and community service, Councilwoman Price has paired nearly two decades of prosecutorial experience with years of hard work on the Long Beach City Council to bring about positive change throughout the district and the city. Councilwoman Price has serves as the Chair of the Council’s newly created Port, Transportation, and Infrastructure Committee, as well as Vice-Chair of the the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority, and the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority, in addition to serving as a member of the Council’s Budget Oversight Committee. Councilwoman Price is running for re-election to the Long Beach City Council because she wants to continue to work alongside the community and represent the priorities of the beautiful Third District.






  • Opened the Bay Shore Public Library on Sundays (starting Feb 22nd)
  • Studied urban wildlife in our neighborhoods
  • Dedicated $350,000 to the Long Beach Police Department to target residential burglaries
  • Approved new smart parking meters for Belmont Shore
  • Significant Improvements to Colorado Lagoon
  • Passage of the South-east Area Specific Plan (SEASP)
  • Creation of new playgrounds and kids play areas at Channel View Park, Granada Beach and Junipero Beach
  • Major investments in City infrastructure

  • FPPC ID #1436897