Progress In The 3rd

When I ran for the Long Beach City Council in 2014 I knew I wanted to serve the community where my family and I live and the City which I love. I had very clear priorities for what the focus of local government in Long Beach should be: provide better public safety resources; address quality of life and homeless issues; improve our parks; expand community outreach and engagement; fix our street infrastructure; improve our business climate and attract jobs and work to restore our wetlands.

During the last 3 ½ years, together with the residents of the 3rd District we have accomplished a great deal.  I am so proud of how our community has worked together — but I know we have much more we can do. That’s why I am running for re-election.

Why I Serve

During my time in office, building community and enhancing our engagement efforts has been a key priority because engagement is not just some government buzz word, it is how we as citizens can work together to express opinions and input on projects and issues that affect us all. My team and I are out and about almost every night of the week, attending neighborhood group meetings, working with residents and business owners, speaking to our local youth, supporting our non-profits and generally partnering with our neighbors throughout the district. Building a team of employees in my office who care about the district was important to me. I do not want staff members who are just doing a job, but rather that have a real personal and deep connection and commitment to seeing this district improve every day. Which is why my whole staff live in the district, and really understand our community and the needs of the district, and are committed to getting the community involved, including the youth.


I hold monthly community meetings for residents to come and ask questions of me and city staff, we send out monthly newsletters, weekly emails about items on the council agenda, and regular announcements that are specific to a particular neighborhood. I host community concerts, annual youth focused events like Touch-a-Truck and an anti-bullying event, an annual small business workshop, safety symposiums, budget meetings, home improvement workshops, community strategy sessions on new projects, civics workshops for the youth, and a youth participatory budgeting program, as well as helping to create over 100 new community watch groups, and we even started a girls leadership academy for our Wilson High School girls earlier this year.

With the help of our community this is some of the progress we have made during this first term in office.


Since 2014, we have made major progress

Progress in Public Safety:

  • More police officers on the streets than in almost a decade.
  • A dedicated Neighborhood Impact Prosecutor to handle quality of life crimes.
  • Reestablished Belmont Shore walking police patrols.
  • Developed on-going pilot programs to address homelessness.



Progress in Quality of Life:

  • Built a walking trail and natural habitat at Colorado Lagoon.
  • Opened the beach pedestrian path.
  • Opened a dog park at Bixby Park.
  • Built a youth-inspired sport court at Marina Vista Park.



Progress in Infrastructure:

  • Repaired 32 miles of streets and 100s of blocks of sidewalks.
  • Improved parking and traffic safety throughout the district.



Progress in Economic Development:

  • During the first few months in office we led an effort with the City Council to establish the Small Business Incentive program which streamlines the City’s approval process and reduces fees for new businesses coming to Long Beach interested in location in Long Beach.
  • I was the first and remain the only Councilmember to dedicate a staff person to serve as a “business liaison” who works directly with businesses in the 3rd District to interface with City



Progress at the Wetlands:

  • I currently serve as Chair of the Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority (LCWA), which is a Joint Powers Authority made up of numerous government organizations with interest and jurisdiction over the wetlands. The Authority serves as the official organization that owns, manages and funds the purchase and restoration of the Los Cerritos Wetlands.
  • Through the LCWA and the City Council I have worked hard to approve a restoration project that will allow the Authority to gain public ownership of 150 acres of wetlands in exchange for 5 acres of land. Getting this land, including Steamshovel Slough into public hands is a huge win for our community and finally sets us on a path to expanding this important natural habitat and open space.



Progress in Arts & Libraries:

  • In 2014 we opened the Bayshore library on Sundays as a pilot program. Today there are 4 libraries throughout the city that are open on Sunday!



This is just some of our progress, but we are not done yet.
Serving as your Councilmember is a privilege.

I would be honored to receive your vote.