Progress on Quality of Life

Our team has been working hard to make the 3rd District one of the best places in Southern California to live, work, raise a family, recreate and receive a world class education. Some of the progress that has been made in this area includes:

  • Recreation Vehicle Parking Restrictions – RV parking has become a growing concern throughout Long Beach residential and business streets. We effectively lead an effort with the City Council to pass an ordinance that prevents parking of RV’s on any street or alley for more than 72 hours.

Traffic Safety Enhancements at Major Intersections – Countless community concerns have been raised about people standing on medians at heavily trafficked intersections. In fact, our traffic engineers determined that the risk of injury to people standing on the medians is much higher when speeds are in excess of 30 MPH. (–2017—median-access-at-major-intersections)

  • With safety as the primary concern, we lead an effort with the City Council to prevent pedestrian access at these very busy intersections. This has been implemented at the 7th Street and Pacific Coast Highway intersections with the installation of a wave fence.
  • Cleaning Up Encampments – Through talking to our City Attorney, I was able to initiate the change in the city policy of requiring 72 hours notice for the removal of abandoned property, by reducing it to 48 hours. This will allow the public works department’s Clean Team, to swiftly remove abandoned items on public property.

Progress on Parks

  • Marina Vista Park Sport Added a youth-inspired sport court and a new Pickleball court.
  • Bixby Park Dog Park Created a small and large dog park with historic fencing. Worked with the community to activate the park and make it safer for everyone.
  • Pacific Electric Right of Way Park Created a passive walking trail in the first phase of the project and a beautiful park space in the second phase between Park Avenue to Ximeno Avenue in an area that was dilapidated for decades.
  • North Side of Colorado Lagoon Added a walking trail and a natural habitat which transformed a blighted parking lot and unkept marsh land into a beautiful community resource and environment for native plants and animals.
  • Installed new, single stall, restrooms at Marina Vista Park.
  • Rebuilt the Marine Stadium judging stands.
  • Installed a beach pedestrian path which has activated the beach for biker, walkers, and runners.