Price Receives Endorsement from Animal PAC, A Voice for Animals in California

Paws Throughout The 3rd District Proudly Applaud the Support

It is with great puppy pride and a waggling tail that I announce the endorsement of Suzie Price by the Animal PAC, A Voice for Animals in California.

Animal PAC recognized what I know to be true every day – she and her family are devoted to the well-being and highest quality of life for not only her human constituents but her furry friends as well. The happiest day of my life was three years ago when I was adopted by the Price family. Mr. Price, Kian and Kaeven Price, as well as Suzie, have treated me so wonderfully that I could not be happier.

In issuing the endorsement Tony Hale, Executive Director of Animal PAC stated: “Councilmember Suzie Price has worked closely with her local Animal Care Services Department to greatly increase the number of live animals released. She has promoted strong spay and neuter policies in Long Beach through legislative efforts and encourages responsible pet ownership education programs for children and families. “

As Mr. Hale noted and I know firstpaw Suzie Price is truly an animal lover, has a big heart and wants to help every animal find a loving and caring home. Not many elected officials have worked with such dedicated efforts to better the lives of animals through both legislative and education efforts as well as love and care.

Suzie’s efforts are rewarded with three barks, jumps, a highpaw and a waggling tail whenever she arrives home. I encourage you to reward her as well by giving her your vote and re-electing her to the Long Beach City Council, District 3.

For more information on the Suzie Price for Long Beach City Council campaign please visit the web site: